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Why I Became A Positive Discipline Educator

by Jan 16, 2017Inspire, Parents, Positive Discipline

Why I became a PD educator – to make a long story short, I am Japanese, naturalized Swiss, first married to a Dane and then to a Dutch man. Within this cultural and family patchwork environment, I have a wonderful son (a single child) who is living with us and spending half of his holidays with his father and his new family abroad. Fortunately, we all get along well, so everything was pretty much fine until my son reached his pre-teen – and grew 20 centimeters in one summer. I found myself looking up at a tall (and I’m short) grumpy/sulking boy with whom I lost my means of communication (and authority …) among other challenges.

After receiving a gentle warning from my second husband that I was ‘yelling’ too much (naturally when you feel unheard, my volume goes up) and my son was not listening … I knew I had to find another way. I searched for various parenting methods and discovered Positive Discipline– which changed everything.

I was so convinced and impressed with the method that I went to the UK to get certified and resigned from my work (after 19 years) to dedicate myself 100% as a trainer/facilitator – which was my former profession in HR but in the corporate world.

I truly believe that this method can help other parents and educators as it had for me – first as a single parent of a toddler, then as a patchwork family, in a multicultural environment and then with a teenager. All around me I can see that the need is high.

When conflicts with children are solved or managed, it improves family life, with more energy at work and influences everything else positively in your life. This methodology can be applied to all relationships including with your spouse, with your colleagues, and can impact your leadership skills positively. It is one of the most effective methodologies I have personally tried.

I also apply Positive Discipline Principles and Adlerian psychology (Positive Discipline is based on their works) during my coaching sessions in career management – how to improve interviewing skills, finding your talent and inner motivation, etc.
For more details see activities under ‘Coaching.’

Are you interested to know more and to discover Positive Discipline Principles? If so, please fill in the contact form by clicking here. I would love to hear from you!


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