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“Reconciling high standards and well-being’… this could be the title of a management manual, well into today’s professional reality. What if the first testing ground was the family? Positive Discipline is a method that is neither permissive nor punitive, which allows the child to develop self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, autonomy, a desire to learn, mutual respect and many other essential qualities…all of which are formidable assets during a period of homeschooling!

I had the great pleasure of learning this method thanks to Izumi, a wonderful trainer who is hyper-connected to her audience despite the virtual format that Izumi masters to perfection. It was simply amazing. Against all odds, I found a lot of tips for the business world. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, a parent or a bit of all of these – Positive Discipline is worth the time! Many thanks to Izumi for this fun and instructive experience!”
Ulrike Heindl

“I worked for 17 years with Izumi in the recruitment industry. Izumi is known as a top level Consultant, as much for her results and her great work force as for her professionalism. She was recognized in this business as much by the candidates as by the HR partners. Warm, empathetic, very people oriented and pleasant, she has a natural gift for communicating with others thanks to her great ability to listen and the interest she takes in people.

For the past few years, she has established herself, as an independent trainer with success and brilliance. It is with a great deal of know-how that she regularly participates in the professional integration program of the Foundation Qualife for which I work. She provides participants with practical tools and techniques to improve their communication during job interviews, or to manage their stress and emotions. As a certified trainer, she also started a training program on positive leadership. I had the pleasure of participating in the 1st French-speaking session and I learned a lot. I can only recommend her!”
Sabine Maitre – Consultant in professional insertion and career management at Qualife.

“With two small children, I was very happy to be able to complete this online course. I wouldn’t have been able to arrange to come and take a face-to-face course. The course gave me a lot of tools to try to prevent or solve conflicts with my children and to resolve certain situations! I’m very happy to have followed it and the interactions are very good, the fact that the training is online doesn’t bother me at all!”
Aurélien, father confined with two children during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Izumi conducted this course with zest, warmth, allowing space for spontaneity, a truly remarkable feat for an online course on a delicate subject for parents seeking solutions. Positive Discipline is a most wonderful tool allowing for parents to feel competent and encouraged and hence encouraging for their children. Deceptively simple, the message and teachings are profound, opening a realm of transformative discovery, step by baby step for parents alongside their children. I now use PD in my professional work with families and wish I had discovered it years ago: the a-ha moments of realisation are a joy to witness as is the confidence gained by parents. Thank you Izumi, and thank you to the wonderful parents who attended this course with me.”
Irene, Child Psychiatrist, Switzerland, Online course during pandemic

“The online workshop gave me the opportunity to reaffirm my education purpose and principles. Also, it was an incredible occasion to meet peers, have fun, authentic discussions, share emotions as well as unbuild and rebuild our schemes and discover lovely means to fulfill our positive parenting potential. Thank you Izumi for showing the way to that lovely path!”
Marina, mother of 2 children, Online course during pandemic


The testimonial bullet points below are from workshops held in 2019 at a well-known international company

  • ‘Very insightful, helps you to manage educational issues in a positive way, sustainably …’
  • ‘Was great! You get alternatives to screaming and fighting …’
  • ‘Very good workshop… insightful and motivational. Let’s have those sessions available on a regular basis …’
  • ‘Try it! Not only it addresses issues of today, but also building skills for a lifetime…’
  • ‘Actionable and easy to understand and to put into place … Thank your for this opportunity…’
  • ‘Great training that will give you consciousness on how our kids feel and behave.’
  • ‘This really works! It is the way to engage and help our children become responsible adults and bring awareness to parents on how to deal with challenging situations.’
  • ‘Very good training. Can be applied to work and personal life.’
  • ‘Thank you! Now I see my relationship with my kids differently …’

This is what some of the participants have shared after interacting with Izumi in her workshops:


“Over the weeks, I realized that this was a course I did not want to miss.

Izumi is one of the most personable and open-minded trainers I have ever worked with. She is particularly committed to her work and passionate about having a positive effect on people’s lives. Her method is engaging and constructive, and she blends theory and practice, including role play, in such a way that what is learned will stay with the learner. She does this with humility, but with particular effectiveness.

Theoretically, anyone can read texts and organize practical exercises, although of course we don’t; we are too caught up in our lives. For many people, taking a course is the only way to set aside the time and effort to advance as parents. For me, working in a well structured group led by a particularly responsive and experienced instructor ensures that the learning is much, much more effective and lasting than if I simply watched videos or read books.

The price of the course has already paid for itself in defusing crises and improving our family dynamics, parenting techniques and confidence many times over.

Having bought and perused numerous parenting books, I found the text to be reasonably written (although it has its moments…) and particularly engaging; the theory is lucid and logical. It provides a good base for the course.”

D. Kutner, Father of a 5-year old girl and 2 teenagers



The Swiss Nanny Association strives for quality in-home childcare that provides a stimulating environment where children feel nurtured and supported and are motivated to grow to his or her potential.
SNA believe that nannies that provide that quality care has taken the time to understand child development concerns.
The positive discipline workshop is a first step to help those who work with children create an environment where those children can thrive, where they can learn, laugh and grow, and where their healthy development is supported and encouraged.
We can not repeat enough what a great opportunity this is. Izumi Takase is a great trainer with a ❤️for SNA and she gives 20 nannies the chance to be trained in this childcare philosophy. Kelly Corstjens, President & Advisor, Swiss Nanny Association.

‘The book was useful but it increases in weight and importance with the practical side of attending workshops.’
Father of a 6 year old boy.

‘Izumi was able to facilitate the various Positive Discipline tools whilst sharing her own experiences as a mother.  The workshops were led with a lot of kindness and humanity.  Well done and thank you. I feel encouraged to continue and it has given a lot of hope to me and to my daughters…’
Mother of two teenage girls.

‘I very much appreciated the role plays which helped me to understand and see clearly my family dynamics which I currently experience… I recommend this workshop to other parents.’
Mother of two girls (pre-teen and a teenager)

‘Yes, I highly recommend the workshop … to experience and discover a new way to interact with your children and have again a peaceful household!  Bravo and thank you!’
Mother of two children (10 years and a teenager)


‘The workshops bring you concrete tools … the exercises help you to change your manner of seeing the situations and gives you a new way to act upon it. A nice example is to show that you can learn from your mistakes and improve by involving participants.’
A speech therapist

‘Izumi has practiced Positive Discipline already in her own family so she is able to provide us with practical and useful advice on how to find solutions …’
Mother of two daughters

‘Izumi has excellent communication skills … she is sensitive and has the emotional intelligence – perfect to facilitate a Positive Discipline workshop’.
Mother of a teenager


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