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Stay Connected! Managing EMOTIONS

by Jan 13, 2021Connect, Education, Positive Discipline, Workshops Positive Discipline

A special event for working parents at P&G – Learn and stay connected!


January 26th from 12h to 13h and 10 minutes for Q&A time.

We are living uncertain times and both adults and children are having to adapt to new situations since almost a year. Building resilience is not easy and there are powerful ways to help both ourselves and our children.

‘Recognising your emotions and learning to manage them is one of the most important skills you can have. People who are good at noticing how they feel and can calm themselves down or adjust their behaviour are more likely to do well in life, have healthy relationships and manage difficulties and setbacks.’ Shahana Knight

During this conference, learning objectives are:

– How do you deal with your children’s outbursts?

– How do you deal with your own emotions during Covid times?

– What can you do to bring more peace and harmony in the family?

This interactive conference will give you a few insights on what is happening in our brains and how to deal with it.


  • Offer an informative, practical and interactive conference for working parents
  • Acquire at least 3 immediately applicable Positive Discipline Tools dealing with emotions of their children (and themselves) during uncertain times and change
  • Give parents the opportunity to participate in an experiential activity that helps them get into the child’s world and understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Your Take-Away

  • To understand how you can support your children socially and emotionally during this time of uncertainty
  • For you to leave with practical tools that you can apply in your homes straight away
  • Provide a perspective on how to deal with emotions (and ways to find solutions)
  • Q&A time to exchange and have ideas

This is an approximately 70 minutes session, including 15 mins for Q&A.

Channel: P&G Webex

To sign up, contact: Parents@Work at P&G

Stay well, keep faith, stay healthy,

I look forward to seeing you soon.



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