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iPositiveLINC organizes trainings and workshops for parents, educators and leaders in organizations, based on Positive Discipline tools and methodologies, developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott.

Positive Discipline promotes and encourages the development of life skills and respectful relationships in families, schools, businesses and community systems.

Positive Discipline classes are different from other classes in that an environment is created where participants can ‘learn by doing’.  You have an opportunity to see, feel and think about your way of communicating with your world in a new way. Experiential learning allows participants to incorporate new ideas and change behaviors that are not possible in other teaching styles.

Workshops locations are around the Geneva lake region and can be hosted by parents, organizations and/or by the commune of your town.

The full program consists of 15 hour classes, divided into sessions, facilitated in English or French.

The multiple sessions and classes creates long-term support and many opportunities for learning and practicing outside the sessions:

–          6 sessions, 2 ½ hours per session

–          3 sessions, 5 hours each

–          2 full days

There are also Advanced/Refresher workshops for those who attended the 15 hour workshops.

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