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Positive Reinforcement at Work

by Dec 11, 2017Connect, Inspire, Learn, Nurture, Parents, Positive Discipline

Happy parents are full of energy!

How about offering a Positive Discipline workshop as a training opportunity at your workplace?

Parents at the workplace who have followed PD workshops have shared the following as the top three benefits:


1. Team spirit: Positive Discipline sessions bring ALL parents together.  Indeed, whether you are a senior executive or an assistant, working parents have same concerns. Participants are able to share and develop their skills as equals. As a parent, you can team up with other parents and potential silos in the organization are broken down.  This is a great opportunity to create a community spirit to enhance belonging to the workplace and develop team spirit.

2. Problem Solving: Positive Discipline classes have various tools on how to deal with problems. Hence, they will also acquire new tools on how to find solutions which can be applied in the workplace. Participants will gain practical tools applicable to all relationships.  Staff members will feel more confident dealing with such issues.  No blame, no shame, just solutions.

3. Leadership: It seems like effective parents are also ‘leaders’ at home. Participants will understand the essential skills for leadership. Some examples of competencies are how to develop cooperation, collaboration, mutual respect and how to motivate team members.  Encouragement is key to success and a sense of achievement.

Therefore, how about starting with a 90 minutes Positive Discipline conference at your workplace?  This session will include immediately applicable Positive Discipline Tools that you can try at work, at home and in all kind of relationships.

Participants will have the opportunity to understand some of the key concepts behind Positive Discipline with a hand-out at the end, including practical advice and tips.

Contact me now to arrange an event at your organization! 

Possible in English and in French.

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