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Positive Discipline in a Corporate Setting

The methodology of Positive Discipline can be used effectively in a corporate setting, particularly as a contribution to team building and in any type of situation where the is disagreement or conflict. Companies who encourage their staff members to attend a workshop in positive discipline for parents, often report reduced stress in the workplace thanks to the improved communication skills learned by staff having followed the workshop.

Innovative organisations go even further and request customized workshops for team building. Below are some examples of how your company can move forward.


Corporate Leadership

The tools of Positive Discipline are proven to work well when it comes to empowering people and teams in the workplace.

The closest thing to leadership is parenting.
The more you understand about parenting, the more you understand about leadership.
The more you understand about leadership, the better parent you can become.

Simon Sinek

Introductory seminar to Positive Discipline in English

A Lunch & Learn session of 90 minutes including questions.

This highly participative and fun activity includes immediately applicable Positive Discipline Tools that can be life changing for parents, educators and for leaders in the corporate environment. Participants will have an opportunity to learn new skills with experiential activities that helps parents, educators and leaders get into the child’s world, and/or into your colleague’s world, for a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your communication skills and behavior.

This can be an introductory session before launching the Lunch & Learn Positive Discipline workshops at your work place.

This seminar can also be facilitated in French.

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Positive Discipline workshops at your work place

In English & in French

 Who should attend –

For all employees who are parents; single, multicultural, expat parents, step-parents, grandparents, patch work families, educators, as well as adults who want to learn about themselves and how they relate to others…

These workshop classes (10 to 15 hours in total) take place during lunch time at your work place, and are designed to give parents (and leaders), the opportunity to understand the root cause of their child’s (and colleagues’) behavior as well as their role in it.

It provides parents and adults with valuable tools to build mutually respectful relationships, effectively problem solve issues as they arise, use discipline that teaches important life skills, and practical strategies to confidently navigate and enjoy parenting and leadership.

It is a unique experiential learning experience, with role-play and group discussions which add to the depth of the learning.

The multiple sessions will give you essential time for you to practice at home the newly acquired tools. You will be given the opportunity to share with your group your experiences and gain new valuable insights on what works as well as doesn’t work.

The facilitator will share supplemental handouts and follow up emails with participants.

This workshop can also be facilitated in French.

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Corporate Events

iPositiveLINC offers a variety of corporate events customized for your organisation.

Find out more here.


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