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Empowering People in the Workplace the Positive Discipline Way


Empowering People in the Workplace (EPW) training sessions and workshops are based on the teachings of Dr. Alfred Adler and Positive Discipline, founded in the 1980’s by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. It allows each participant to become self-aware of the consequences of his or her way of relating with their environment.

EPW offer concrete tools with experiential activities that encourage participants to test them in their daily practice. Many of the key concepts are confirmed from recent findings in brain science.

The tools proposed are, for the most part, simple to understand and demands a certain change in the mindset. It is a process that requires regular practice and therefore the trainer will accompany the participants in this learning process, with reflection time, support of a workbook, tool cards, and relevant articles if needed.

EPW training and development workshops facilitate the connection between feeling and intellect. It encourages diversity and collective intelligence. Participants are encouraged to decide which changes they want to implement, with a personal engagement to try and practice, in order to have concrete results on a long-term basis.

EPW aims to:

• Develop a sense of belonging and contribution which is key for high motivation and engagement in a team.
• Develop a sense of mutual respect and encouragement that gives way to a sense of confidence (in oneself and in others).
• Be effective over the long term to ‘anchor’ the new skill, with a regular follow up.


Kolb’s Learning Styles to support learnings:

EPW follows Kolb’s model of experiential learning. It focuses on the learning process rather than on outcomes. 

The learning cycle model includes four phases: concrete experimentation, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.

This strategy calls for learners to be fully involved in their learning process and to feel responsible for their actions.

Kolb Learning Styles to support Learning

Concrete Experience with experiential activities and role plays.
Reflective Observation with breakout activities and small group collaboration
Active Experimentation with readings and practice between sessions
Abstract Conceptualization with breakout debriefing at the end of each activity.

The main focus is to:

  • Develop awareness of self and others and strengthen connection/trust.
  • Motivate and inspire learners
  • Have some ‘serious fun’ whilst learning


Below are some examples of topics covered during the workshops which could help you and your team move forward:

• How to encourage your team to focus on solutions and not just problems.
• How to lead motivating and productive team meetings.
• How to be assertive and encouraging to yourself and others.
• Gain the capacity to empower yourself and others for higher achievements.
• Learn ways to be confident, to promote a respectful, resourceful and highly effective workplace environment.


Topics and slides from past trainings

Examples of topics used in Corporate Leeadership Training using Positive Discipline


Izumi Takase is facilitating workshops for Empowering People in the Workplace. Founder of iPositiveLINC, Izumi worked for 20 years as a Senior Consultant in Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development assignments for multinationals, SME’s and start-ups for various industry sectors: IT/Telecom, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, commodity trading, luxury goods, FMCG and public institutions. She regularly headhunted senior executives and facilitated Management Development interventions, including Teambuilding workshops, addressing communications and conflict management as well as change management issues. She also has extensive practice as a Career Coach.

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