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Case Study 3 The Leader As A Coach




Objectives and Context

Following the successful offsite workshop with the Senior Leadership Team and a ‘Feedback Survey Result’, HR and the Site Head decided to add a regular Training and Development program over the year during quarterly Management Team Meetings.

This program was to consolidate the ongoing dynamics initiated three years ago with the Senior Leadership Team to strengthen the division’s sense of belonging and mutual trust.

These regular sessions aim to develop skills as ‘THE LEADER AS COACH’– with activities to practice Change Management.

The People Managers comprise 50 site leadership team leads of mixed nationalities, with French as a working language.

Activities include prompts centred around mindful topics such as ‘Encouragement, Positive/Corrective Feedback, Kind and Firm at the same time (Mutual Respect), and the Courage to be Imperfect.’


Our Solution 

Two Senior Trainers facilitated each session with:

  • At least 2 to 3 experiential activities and role plays per session as takeaways
  • Self-reflection, breakout activities and small group collaboration time.
  • Abstract Conceptualization, with debriefing at the end of each activity.
  • Active Experimentation, coupled with readings and practice between sessions.

As part of a long-term development programme over several years, we close the session with a Wall of Commitment to nail down progress and concrete actions for the next session. The Wall of Commitment helps to encourage each other in the improvement process without focusing only on the results. The baby steps principle is applied, focusing on small accessible changes. An online page to follow the progress is available and continuously updated.


The Outcome

Post-programme evaluation has shown an increase in motivation given by learners for their ability across all the desired outcomes. From ‘giving positive and corrective feedback’, to ‘listening to feedbacks’, to ‘having the courage to be imperfect’ and ‘disagree with grace’ to name a few.

Additionally, the annual employee survey has seen all scores relating to sharing to increased cooperation, and internal relationships show notable improvements. This clearly shows how a change in culture has now begun to take effect.


Working in Partnership with Human Resources and Team Leads

iPositiveLINC holds weekly reviews with senior Human Resources and Senior Leadership Team contacts.

Standardizing a proven structure

Each session consists of:

  • Pre-work activities to ensure the learners are well prepared to make the most of each course.
  • Keeping it as a two-hour session
  • An inter-session element for learners to reflect on their experience of applying the learning back in the workplace to be shared during the second session, such as with a video.
  • Follow-up activities to embed the learning.


Quality Assurance

iPositiveLINC has a quality control following every workshop to ensure facilitators deliver to an exceptional standard and respond to the needs of the managers.


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