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Case Study 2 Corporate Leadership Development and Personal Growth




Our Client

 A research-driven biopharmaceutical group devoted to identifying, developing and marketing innovative products in urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and orthopaedics.

With over 6,500 employees worldwide, this leading company operates subsidiaries in nearly 60 countries and markets its products in 110 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, they have manufacturing facilities in several European countries, South America, China, India, Israel, and the US.



The workshop’s overall objective was to establish an approach and culture to managing organizational change and reinforce teamwork values such as trust and collaboration.

Specific focus:

  • Encourage teamwork, communication, and cooperation, especially when facing everyday challenges.
  • Practice ‘Encouraging Feedback’ and resilience in adverse situations
  • Continue building on the concept of ‘Strengths-Based Approach.’
  • Accelerate the integration of new colleagues (EHS and IS function) into the team.
  • Support the Vision the Management Committee defines in site transformation and culture change (Safety, People, Quality, Operational Excellence / Lean).
  • Continue the ongoing dynamics initiated since 2018 with the Senior Leadership Team to strengthen the group’s sense of belonging and mutual trust.


Our solution

iPositiveLINC facilitated a 12-hour off-site and in-person workshop with Production Senior Leadership Team members. The content combined tried and tested classic activities from Positive Discipline, made-from-scratch examples, and exercises that follow a ‘Feel, Think, Learn, Do’ format, featuring creative experiential activities. All activities facilitate the connection between feeling and intellect. It encourages diversity and collective intelligence.

Activities focused on practising self-awareness and the consequences of their way of relating with colleagues and their environment.

Participants rehearsed concrete tools with activities that encouraged personal growth. Many of the critical concepts are confirmed by recent findings in brain science.

Some key topics covered:

  • ‘Teamwork makes Dreamwork! A blueprint for a successful learning and development journey
  • Self-awareness and other awareness
  • Feelings and Emotions: Using the heart and brain to connect
  • Motivation and engagement: The power of encouragement


Working in Partnership

iPositiveLINC held regular reviews with the Team Lead. Meetings identify the following workshop plans to develop while driving continuous improvement.

  • A pre-workshop survey to ensure expectations align well with content and objectives.
  • An online page with documents so learners are prepared to make the most of the workshop.
  • Regular feedback and evaluation on takeaways and commitment


Quality Assurance

iPositiveLINC has a quality control element to ensure facilitators deliver to an exceptional standard.


The Outcome

Feedback on the workshops was at 99%. Follow-up reinforcement sessions were integrated including coaching sessions for some selected team members.


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