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Four Case Studies for Corporate Leadership Development and Personal Growth

Below you will find four case studies where companies have used the Positive Discipline methodology for their internal corporate leadership development. It is a selection of very successful companies that we have worked with for several years.

The purpose of the Case Studies is to bring understanding to what is possible when using the PD tools in a corporate setting. 

All the workshops and coaching sessions are offered both in French and in English.

Learning with the five elements of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-awareness.
  • Self-regulation.
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills


And last but not least … Encouragement with a Growth Mindset!


Develop a diverse culture of learning whilst having fun!

iPositiveLINC workshops and coachings are catered to its culturally diverse workforce. Workshops and coaching sessions were offered to all audiences, and employees according to their individual development needs.

All the workshops combine tried and tested classic activities from Positive Discipline, made-from-scratch examples and exercises that follow a ‘Feel, Think, Learn, Do’ format, featuring creative experiential activities.

These workshops and coaching sessions are not quick fixes (no magic wand!) but the start of a development and change process for everyone. It is a long-term PROCESS which requires practice, commitment and changing habits. It may be simple to understand and always challenging to apply.


We will go through this journey together, step by step, with ups and downs!

Quality Assurance

iPositiveLINC have a quality control following every session to ensure facilitators and coaches learn and improve their skills and continue innovating on their skills. We deliver to an exceptional standard and respond to the needs of each and every learner.


Positive Discipline at company in Neuchâtel
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