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Empowering Leaders & Teams in the Workplace

Creative, practical and experiential training in today’s fast-evolving world.

Corporate Case Studies


• to be a motivational leader
• to lead effectively across generations
• to build trusting teams
• to be assertive & encouraging to yourself and others when conflicts or challenges occur
• to focus on solutions and not just problems



• to put new skills into ACTION and PRACTICE
• to step out of your comfort zone and CHANGE old habits
• to APPLY new skills 80-90% of the time
• to REFLECT on opportunities, where GROWTH occurs
• to IMPACT your teams’ performance positively

With practice, you will see tangible and measurable results. 

“After attending this workshop, I realized that my kindness is greatly affecting my professional performance.

This workshop taught me how to be both kind AND firm.”

A recently promoted manager

“With practice, the tools shared during the workshop gave me important insights on how to deal with demotivated colleagues during change situations, especially with the new generation. I learned about myself and with some personal behavioral adjustments, I managed to get positive results. This is also about having life-long self-development skills.”

HR Senior Manager

“What I appreciate most about the course is its dynamic nature, with lots of practical exercises to help me grasp the material. I was also able to put the techniques I learned into practice very quickly and successfully.”

Ilda S - Project Manager

“It’s a bonding experience that lasts for a long time, and gives you real team management tools. Izumi’s experience is invaluable! “

Dominique – Executive Coach

‘’I succeeded in turning a very conflicting team work situation into a more positive one by applying some key concepts practised during the workshop. Very effective and successful.”

President of a club with mainly volunteers

“My brainstorming and problem solving skills have improved dramatically …

We are more efficient as a team since we focus on solutions and not just on blaming others..”

Project Manager, NGO

“Different tools are presented, immediately applied and commented on in group – an effective and pleasant approach. I found this series of workshops an excellent investment to better manage teams through encouragement!”

Yvonne J - Finance and Controlling Manager

“All the tools discussed are powerful and interesting.”

Sabine M - Professional integration manager

It's a process; Change takes time

Founder of iPositiveLINC, Izumi worked for 20 years as a Senior Consultant in Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development assignments for multinationals, SME’s and start-ups for various industry sectors: IT/Telecom, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, commodity trading, luxury goods, FMCG and public institutions.

She regularly headhunted senior executives and facilitated Management Development interventions, including Teambuilding workshops, addressing communications and conflict management as well as change management issues. She also has extensive practice as a Career Coach.

Izumi comes highly recommended by her clients as well as her peers.

Positive Leadership for Success

Are you facing constant change at your workplace?  Whether it be managing ‘millennials’ joining the workplace, or a new boss, or a new team member, or a change of management after a merger or an acquisition?

And if not, what is the process to maintain a well-balanced work environment where employees are motivated, encouraged and inspired as a team?

iPositiveLINC organizes workshops specially tailored for companies and organizations, based on Positive Discipline methodologies, developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott.

Positive Leadership in the workplace provides a step-by-step approach to sharing experiential activities to connect Positive Discipline principles with professional audiences who want to create a culture of mutual respect and higher efficacy in the workplace.


Training and Workshops:

Workshops can be designed and adapted according to the needs of the organization and can be facilitated in English and/or French.

Positive Discipline workshops and trainings are mainly experiential. We create an environment where participants can ‘learn by doing’.  We practice how to see, feel, think and learn with the environment in a different way.

Experiential learning allows participants to incorporate new ideas and change behaviours that are not possible in other teaching styles. The multiple sessions and classes create long-term support and many opportunities for learning and practicing outside the sessions.

This program stands alone or offers a significant enhancement to other leadership programs; it emphasises experiential activities to inspire deeper understanding and lasting change.

Organizations who encourage their staff members to attend a workshop in Positive Discipline for parents, often report reduced stress in the workplace thanks to the improved communication skills learned by staff having followed the workshop.

At iPositiveLINC, we will provide you with numerous tools on how to do it and provide you with an environment where you can practice and try – together, in a positive, enjoyable and constructive way.

For upcoming workshops click here or contact us to host a workshop at your workplace.

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