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The Benefits of Hosting a Workshop in Positive Discipline in the Workplace

1. Classes in Positive Discipline bring ALL parents together, whether you are a senior executive or an assistant, parents have same concerns and participants are able to share and develop their skills as equals. As a parent, you can team up with other parents and potential silos in the organisation are broken down.

2. Positive Discipline workshops have various tools on how to deal with problems and how to find solutions which can be applied in the work place. Participants will gain practical tools applicable to all relationships and staff members will feel more confident dealing with such issues.

3. All effective parents are ‘leaders’ at home (although many aren’t aware of this fact). They will understand the essential skills for leadership such as how to develop cooperation, respect and how to motivate team members to replicate it to the work place.

If your organisation would like to have stronger relationships among a staff full of solution providers and leaders, then bringing Positive Discipline into the workplace is definitely worth considering. Contact Izumi Takase today to book a Lunch & Learn session by clicking here.

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