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Finding Solutions and going forward with Positive Discipline as a parent.

Parents often experience the following benefits when applying the tools available in Positive Discipline:

  • better listening
  • kids do their chores
  • less tantrums
  • fewer power struggles
  • better motivation
  • more understanding
  • easier to do homework



Role play having parents understand and find a different approach

Children express the following benefits after their parents have followed a workshop in Positive Discipline:

  • less yelling
  • less telling
  • less criticism
  • less advising
  • more listening
  • more independence
  • more trust
  • more confidence
  • more fun
  • more contact
  • more understanding

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A complete workshop in Positive Discipline for parents is 15 hours long and takes place over six sessions of 2,5 hours each. There is a need for interaction in real life between the sessions. Therefore, a typical workshop will last anywhere from 6-10 weeks. The workshop usually takes place on a weekly basis, with flexibility around school and other official holidays.

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