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Workshops in Positive Discipline

iPositiveLINC organizes trainings and workshops for parents, educators and leaders in organizations, based on Positive Discipline tools and methodologies, developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott.

Positive Discipline promotes and encourages the development of life skills and respectful relationships in families, schools, businesses and community systems.

Positive Discipline classes are different from other classes in that an environment is created where participants can ‘learn by doing’.  You have an opportunity to see, feel and think about your way of communicating with your world in a new way.

Experiential learning allows participants to incorporate new ideas and change behaviors that are not possible in other teaching styles.

Workshops locations are around the Geneva lake region and beyond for online classes, and can be hosted by parents, organizations and/or by the commune of your town.

The full program consists of 15 hour classes, divided into sessions, facilitated in English or French.

The multiple sessions and classes create long-term support and many opportunities for learning and practicing outside the sessions:

  • 7 sessions, 2 hours per session
  • 6 sessions, 2 ½ hours per session
  • 3 sessions, 5 hours each
  • 2 full days

There are also Advanced/Refresher workshops for those who attended the 15 hour workshops.

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Joy, Respect and Encouragement in the family

Families come in all colours, languages and sizes today. Grandparents and step-parents play a very active role, and many parents have a career or professional life. 

There may be several languages and cultures within a family with different traditions in educating children.  There are single parents who have to juggle and deal with parenting alone. Or when they have their child(ren) only during certain weekends or holidays …

Not always easy for both parents and children. Especially when our own parents and other family members are so far away or not available to provide support.

At Positive Discipline workshops, you will meet other parents with similar challenges at home with their child or children. They may be step-parents, multicultural parents who are alone in a foreign country, having to adapt to a new school, a new culture and language. Or they may be parents who are stuck with their child’s challenging behavior …

At Positive Discipline workshops, we share, practice and help each other from our own experiences, with tested and practical tools that provide solutions.

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Read what participants share about the workshops: 

‘The book was useful but it increases in weight and importance with the practical side of attending workshops.’
Father of a 6 year old boy.

‘Izumi was able to facilitate the various Positive Discipline tools whilst sharing her own experiences as a mother.  The workshops were led with a lot of kindness and humanity.  Well done and thank you. I feel encouraged to continue and it has given a lot of hope to me and to my daughters…’
Mother of two teenage girls.

‘I very much appreciated the role plays which helped me to understand and see clearly my family dynamics which I currently experience… I recommend this workshop to other parents.’
Mother of two girls (pre-teen and a teenager)

‘Yes, I highly recommend the workshop … to experience and discover a new way to interact with your children and have again a peaceful household!  Bravo and thank you!’
Mother of two children (10 years and a teenager)


Do you want to become a Positive Discipline Parents Facilitator and share PD with other parents in your region?  If so, click here for more information and sign up to the next training the trainer classes!

Teachers and Educators

Classroom Management Strategies

Positive Discipline in the Classroom, is a research-based classroom management program that empowers teachers with skills to build their students’ sense of community, prepare them for successful living, and increase academic achievement.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom is designed to create a respectful school climate through social-emotional learning, character education and effective discipline.

It provides simple and clear lesson plans that you can integrate into your daily curriculum.  As learning is a process, success is based on trying and practicing on a regular basis, AND learning from mistakes.

The program provides the tools to develop effective class meetings and create a climate of mutual respect through teaching communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and self-regulatory skills.

Some Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand motivations for misbehavior and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminates most discipline problems.
  • Learn how to encourage students and set limits using kindness and firmness at the same time.
  • Learn tools to effectively lead a classroom based on cooperation and mutual respect instead of control.
  • Learn how to teach life skills (self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, problem solving etc.) so that students can cooperate and learn successfully in the classroom.

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Testimonials from teachers of a private secondary school (Geneva and Nyon):

“Positive Discipline allows a systemic approach to problems (which is often lacking in other training courses) and offers concrete tools to find solutions. »

“Positive Discipline workshops should be mandatory for all teachers and caregivers. Positive Discipline helps to raise awareness of our harmful rituals and opens many avenues and possibilities. The search for solutions together is extremely enriching. »

“Positive Discipline gives us important tools to better manage our own behavior, take a step back from ourselves and our emotions. We can then model this approach with regard to the student’s (mis)behavior. It has been very helpful indeed.”

“It’s a great and useful training, full of common sense! It helps to better understand the interactions that take place in a classroom and to take a step back from what a teenager is actually saying through what they seem to be saying.”

Do you want to become a Positive Discipline in the Classroom Facilitator at your school or institution?  If so, click here for more information and sign up to the next training the trainer classes!


Empower People: Positive Leadership

All problems have solutions. The most common ones are with people and their various ways of being.  Each era has seen the emergence of new forms of management. The current digital revolution is no exception to the rule, and leadership has to adapt.

The modern leader is constantly faced with uncertainty and having to adapt to new challenges related to people. Roles and responsibilities have to be re-defined, having to “let go” certain habits and trust new ones … not easy without support.

In response to today’s requirement and also for the future, Empowering People at the Workplace (EPW) offers leaders and teams concrete tools to find encouragement and meaning for what they do. We show you HOW to motivate each and every employee, from the A to Z generations, to engage in his or her role and responsibility.

Empowering People in the Workplace – EPW offers a new form of leadership -that of mindfulness – to be implemented at all levels of the company.

We will show you HOW to leverage the collective intelligence from all members of the team, bring a sense of belonging and contribution, and define together adequate solutions to challenges.

Positive leadership, according to the principles of Positive Discipline and EPW, facilitates this transition on a step by step basis. We will show you HOW to lay solid foundations of cooperation and collaboration – in the long term, for encouraging and motivating ways of working together within organizations and teams.


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Please watch an extract from a two day workshop given to the Swiss Nanny Association in October 2017.

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