Positive Discipline for Parents and Educators

Positive Discipline is a methodology that is addressed to all educators and parents – single, mixed nationalities, multilingual, divorced, step mothers/fathers, expats, grandparents, and with children of all ages.

The Conference, an informative and entertaining presentation, is delivered as a workshop of 60 to 90 minutes, will includes immediately applicable Positive Discipline Tools.

This event is to provide first-hand insight into at least four experiential activities, which are also part of the 15 hours workshop.  We talk about listening skills and what helps the adult gain a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when communicating with children; the difference between ‘asking’ and ‘telling’ or ‘encouragement’ and ‘praise.’

Participants will also have an opportunity to understand some of the key concepts behind Positive Discipline with a hand-out at the end, with practical advice and tips.

ipositivelinc-positive-discipline- Lunch&Learn

This introductory conference is organized as either:
• a ‘Lunch & Learn’ at the work place, for employees who are also busy parents;
• as an exclusive event, part of a ‘wellness,’ ‘diversity’ or ‘parents at work’ week at your work place;
• a special event for parents and/or educators at the school.

Some past conferences took place at Procter & Gamble, Oak Hill Foundation, The Global Fund, and the Swiss Nanny Association.

Book a conference at your location here.

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