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Frequently Asked Questions About Positive Discipline

FAQ about Positive Discipline Workshops – a personal version 🙂 

It’s some years since you founded iPositiveLINC. Why did you start? What has been the inspiration?

I first came across Positive Discipline (PD) in 2013 with the book by Jane Nelsen when my son was 11. To set the background, I am Japanese, a naturalized Swiss citizen, and married twice to different nationalities. Within this multi-lingual, cultural and blended family environment, I have a son (a single child from my first marriage) living with us and spending half his holidays with his father (and his new family abroad).

I was also a single mom when my son was a toddler. When my son reached his pre-teen – and grew 20 cm in one summer, I looked up at a tall (and I’m short) grumpy/sulking boy with whom I lost my means of communication (and authority …) amongst other challenges. Our relationship was getting challenging, and I was lost with this ‘stranger’ who was my son. I searched for various parenting books and came across Positive Discipline, which changed everything beyond my expectations.

The book helped me to a certain extent, but a significant difference was made when I attended a workshop. It opened a whole new world in parenting with excellent results. I saw the potential in helping other parents around me.

While working as an HR consultant (I am also a Corporate Trainer), I decided to go further with this methodology by becoming a Positive Discipline trainer a few years later. In 2016, I resigned from my job of 20 years and founded iPositiveLINC. I am inspired to continue learning, inspiring, nurturing and connecting (LINC) people, whether parents, teachers, educators, or leaders, for a fulfilled life in the family, classroom and workplace.

When people feel connected, many positive outcomes and possibilities exist for a better world. Especially today.

Have you been working on this idea forever, or was it something that came to you recently?

Having worked in Human Resources for so long, namely in recruitment, learning and development, and as a Job Coach, it was a natural move to something closer to the core of what I considered the pillar for building social and emotional skills (SEL): the family. I wanted to go back to the source of where change can be made and help families and schools teach children to become responsible and encouraging adults. 

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

Positive Discipline was unknown in this region, with only a handful of certified trainers 5 years ago, especially in English or in French.

This teaching concept of experiential workshops is also uncommon. Speaking about developing social competencies, emotions, horizontal relationships, and kind and firm communication sounds utopic when there is so much stress and high expectations, as well as strong traditions.

Today, after the pandemic, there is increased attention on the importance of developing emotional and social skills…! However, Positive Discipline is a self-development process, so it takes time.

We live in a high-speed, fast-result environment and talking about a long-term process is not always easy to accept. 

Where do you see your company going? What are your plans for the future?

As a trainer of trainers in Positive Discipline, I plan to continue growing the community of facilitators for parents, teachers and leaders to become part of an ongoing training process for everyone who wants to continue growing, learning and practising.

We organize supervisory workshops for certified facilitators so they can continue learning and have the necessary support to launch their workshops.

Fortunately, we are very much supported by the US and French Positive Discipline Association, with over 300 members covering French-speaking trainers and over 24’600 members worldwide.

I dream of having a hub of PD trainers in the Swiss Romande region who collaborate to support leaders at home, in the classroom or at work. Whether in French or English. There is so much to do and so much need! 

As a volunteer, I continue to organize ‘Café de Parents’ in my commune, with various topics (multicultural families, blended families, screens in the family, bullying,  …) and inviting guest speakers. It’s an excellent opportunity to start and know your audience.

The one-to-one coaching sessions are also important for those who prefer it this way.

Read the FAQs about Coaching here.

What is your favorite product you offer and why?

Positive Discipline offers various workshops, and coaching sessions, whether for leaders, employees at the workplace, parents, educators, teachers, childcare providers, and early childhood educators.

I love them all; they are powerful, practical, and fun!

I enjoy working with my clients as they come from all backgrounds, nationalities, and organisations. It is rich in learning and exchanges, and we inspire much from each other.

I always draw forth what is best for them – even when challenging. I also learned so much from hearing about their insights during the workshops or individual coaching sessions. These are what we call the ‘aha’ moments…

What is your up-coming project or work with Positive Discipline at the Workplace?

For 3 years, we have been actively training 60 managers including the Senior Leadership Team from a significant pharmaceutical production site. It’s fascinating and inspiring to see the changes and progress made by these people through a step-by-step process. It really works, and it takes time and practice for long-term results.

I have the privilege to collaborate with an excellent Lead Trainer from Paris, and we designed a solid customized program for these people. We are launching the next series of workshops for 2024 and looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the HR Team with whom we work very closely.

For several years, I have also trained lunch and afterschool supervisors at the GIAP (‘Groupement intercommunal pour l’animation parascolaire’).

A new program was launched at several public schools in Geneva to improve teamwork and collaboration between themselves and the children they supervise. Participants are diverse, from 19-year-old trainees to pre-retired, from very diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It is an incredible testing ground and a very enriching experience. As they are often not highly qualified people, I am pleased that the state of Geneva provides training opportunities for these important people, very helpful for working parents such as myself.

There are also lunch and learn workshops (an off-the-shelf series of seminars), which I facilitate as conferences. 

Click here to learn about our product offers.

Do you have a few clients that can give a testimonial?

Yes, I have a testimonial page on my website and on LinkedIn:

And here are some more recent ones from last month from working parents in a multinational company in Lausanne. The workshop was a lunch & learn session of 11 hours, 6 sessions, online.


I am so grateful to Izumi for having opened my heart and mind to “positive discipline”. With role play and problem-solving discussions, we learn how to use a wide range of tools and insights to tackle our daily challenges of parenting. All this in a friendly and warm atmosphere created by Izumi. Kudos for the excellent workshop! 


I came to the course feeling a disconnect between me and my eldest child. I couldn’t understand why she was frustrated or behaving in certain ways and I was disappointed that too often we resorted to raised voices. After following the workshops with Izumi I have practical tools to help me break down the situations and be better prepared for them. Positive Discipline is like a muscle – it needs work to build it and to maintain it but now I have all of the tools in my hands to make it happen. I’m happy I followed the course with Izumi. It’s clear she has extensive experience and she shares it in such an open way and never with judgement. Thank you!  
Joanne, mother of a 6 yo daughter


Just try it!! it is really helpful to better understand your kids, their emotions, their reaction … and also to better understand yourself and the way you act and react. Sometimes it seems to be easy or normal and it’s not and this workshop really helps you to be more focus on what matter. It also brings you tools and ideas to change some habits and to bring them where you would like them to go. … It is so powerful to be able to talk with other parents (that you don’t know – different from your family or friends) even if your kids are not the same age and you don’t have the same “problems”. It’s always a great learning. Thank you Izumi! I was looking at your website from time to time and I’m glad I had the opportunity to join this session.
Stéphanie, mother of a 2 yo.


It’s a great workshop to get practical experience and transition from theory to real life application.

Anything else you think our readers would like to know?

Positive Discipline has changed my life in many ways, whether it be relationships with my family, my colleagues, friends and my spouse. I truly believe all parents, teachers, educators, team members should have access to these workshops. It’s about living a better, healthier and more fulfilled life. And it’s possible for everyone who is willing to question their habits, self-reflect, and grow as a human being. It’s also about learning how to develop a sense of belonging and contribution towards our community for more peace and harmony. Isn’t it wonderful?

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