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Izumi Takase

Izumi Takase

Founder iPositiveLINC

Licensed Swiss Federal Trainer (BFFA)
Certified Positive Discipline Trainer for parents, early childhood, schools, organisations
Certified ‘ Empower People’ trainer for Teams and Leaders
Certified Team Management System (TMS) Trainer
Certified Coach

Izumi Takase is a trainer, leadership and education consultant, and independent coach. She founded iPositiveLINC in October 2016.
In her previous life, she worked for 20 years as a consultant for a renowned Swiss human resources, consulting and recruitment firm in Geneva.

At present, Izumi trains teachers, educators, executives and managers in the public and private sectors. She is also involved in numerous projects to develop a culture of encouragement through the reinforcement of Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL) for businesses, schools, associations and after-school organizations.

On the basis of her experience over the last few years and the tangible results she has observed through her training courses and their application in everyday life, she founded iPositiveLINC, in order to offer the benefits of this approach to a wider audience. She is also training new trainers.

Izumi provides leadership training, including team-building workshops in communication skills, conflict management and change management, which are now at the heart of her business.

Izumi is Swiss of Japanese descent. She is fluent in English, French and Japanese, and conversational Spanish and Danish. She is multicultural, creative, open-minded and, as a (former) triathlete, tenacious!

Solenne Roland-Riché

Solenne Roland-Riché

Author, speaker and Lead Trainer in Positive Discipline

Author, speaker and Lead Trainer in Positive Discipline.

A specialist in Gamification and serious games applied “to the real world”, as well as in innovative learning methods, she is the founder of an association whose aim is to create games to develop social and academic skills in children, particularly school drop-outs and gifted children.

For 6 years, she directed ‘Sport dans la Ville’s Quest to India’ project, which enables young people from difficult neighborhoods to acquire social skills (autonomy, cooperation, self-esteem, etc.) notably through a coaching program in Indian slums.

Solenne is the author of ’50 Golden Rules in Positive Education’ (Larousse, April 2016) and ‘100 Golden Rules for a Positive and Successful Management’ (Larousse, April 2017). A member of Discipline Positive France and the American Positive Discipline Association founded by Jane Nelsen, Solenne trains parents, educators, mediators and teachers, and gives conferences in France and abroad. She has spoken at the French National Assembly on this topic.

Philippe Hochstrasser

Philippe Hochstrasser

Founder Evolcoach

Qualified Trainer in Positive Discipline for:
Schools / Communities / Parents / Early Childhood and Businesses
Certified as an Incentive Advisor (Lynn Lott)
Coach and Mediator

Philippe is passionate about training (in the broad sense) and human resources (teacher, executive trainer, recruiter and career management). He discovered Positive Discipline in 2013 and since then he has dedicated himself to disseminating and teaching this educational process which applies both in family, at school, in institution or in business.

Having worked abroad, he is fluent in English and Spanish.

Since taking early retirement, he has divided his time between training and travel.

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