“True grit lies in knowing that you can change. And although transformation is sometimes hard to imagine, both courage and resilience can be learned.”
Polly Morland (from the Guardian Weekly)

“Companies need more rounded leaders. ”
Head of Surrey Business School, Andy Adcroft



Using Positive Management Process for Success

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The genesis of iPositiveLINC was inspired from the desperation of a challenging parenting situation. Have you been frustrated when communicating with your children? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, it can be a truly depressing experience for both the parent and the child, as well as the family.

When it is difficult, it takes up a tremendous amount of energy, which can also affect your professional life. It is easy to get caught up in the spiral of ‘blaming’ and hoping the people involved will ‘get it’ and change. Well, as the quote says, we also need encouragement, new ideas, and support. Perhaps another way is to realize that there is an opportunity for YOU to change the approach.

With that conscious step, iPositiveLINC can help you going forward – together with other people. Yes, ‘both courage and resilience can be learned’ and there are solutions which help!

iPositiveLINC provides you with tools and workshops facilitated by professional trainers with exceptional resilience and respect, with the belief that all people can change if they have the grit. Our drive and vision are that people’s lives can improve with straightforward and practical tools that need to be practiced and used – like learning a new skill as a development process. We feel passionate about learning, inspiring, nurturing and connecting people, parents, children, families, couples, and teams.

In the business world, there is a shift of focus from having business leaders who know the answer to business leaders who can engage teams to think creatively and find the answers together. Positive Discipline with the Adlerian approach to leadership can help you explore what it is like to how you can best respond to leadership challenges in the workplace.

iPositiveLINC is a company using practical and applicable methodologies to anticipate and adapt to changes brought about by the rapidly changing environment and new technology we live in today. We will thrive to continue learning, being inspired, nurture ourselves and team members, to maintain a cooperative and productive connection with people.

The DNA of iPositiveLINC is a quest to facilitate and share creative, innovative and tailor-made training services for all people in today’s fast-evolving world.


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